4-Seat Standard Golf Cart — Sold out until Jul 26, also sold out Aug 25-30, and Sep 13 -16



Sold out until Jul 26!!!! This model is sold out and not available Aug 25-30, and Sep 13 - 16

Seats 4 People

Our carts come in different colors and styles. If you have a specific preference, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Rentals are available from Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday. If you would like to rent from us for a time period that is not in a weekly increment, please contact us directly at info@shorerides.com

Seasonal rentals available by request.

94 in stock


Total: day ( 1 ) x Amount ( $699.00 )

Sold out until Jul 26!!!! Sold out Aug 25-30, and Sep 13-16

Head and tail lights, turn signals, brake lights, and horn

  • Digital in-dash speedometer, odometer and battery life gauge
  • Folding side mirrors and rearview style mirror under roof
  • 3-point retractable DOT seat belts on all seats
  • Automatic backup camera with screen on dash and remote
  • 12″ Aluminum wheels with DOT street tires
  • DOT windshield and license plate bracket
  • 4-Wheel disc brakes with automatic parking brake
  • Roypow 105AH Lithium battery with on-board charger and digital in-dash battery gauge
  • Sound bar system with Bluetooth capability

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